Assuring Your Operations and Revenue Stream Continue

Boxer Mike Tyson once quipped that everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. What would you do with all your employees tomorrow if your business were shut down due to a calamity? What would you tell your clients if all of a sudden you couldn't deliver on your promises? How many businesses really take the important work of planning the continuation of operations seriously?

Are you able to take a punch and get back off the canvas swinging?

My Unleashed® BCP program is ideal for corporate business clients that can't afford to be down. In fact, more key business partners are requiring business continuation plans in order to keep the relationship going. It's always much cheaper to do the work in advance, rather than in crisis. My program helps you get that done fast!

Unleashed® BCP program

This proprietary program is designed to provide remarkable results including:

  • Improved profits through reducing your total cost of risk
  • Enhanced operational performance because of fewer accidents and down time
  • A more rapid return to revenue and operations after a loss
  • Accelerated insurance claim payments after a loss
  • Improved employee morale and confidence
  • Enhanced reputation and brand
  • Improved peace of mind because of the assurance of operations through any calamity
  • Meeting requirements of partners and clients that require a plan

This is a comprehensive plan that is unique to your operations and people. It includes:

  • The identification of risk exposures that can damage your bottom line
  • An assessment on impact on the organization for these exposures
  • The creation of a plan to prevent, control and finance the exposures
  • Implementation of the agreed upon actions developed by us

To learn more about how the Unleashed® BCP program would work in your organization, contact Dan at (360) 271-1592 or

Aaron LeavellNorth Kitsap School District
Dan brought our administrative team a legitimate crisis scenario and was well prepared in every aspect of his consultancy. Dan pushed our thinking as the decision-makers in our school district and created an environment that encouraged engagement, problem solving, and role-playing. In the end, with advice and guidance from Dan, we were able to leave the session with solid ideas for evaluating our current systems for emergency/crisis management, to create a communications plan to use in times of crisis, and just a sense of relief that we were able to come together for a few hours as a team to discuss these important issues that often get put aside when there are no imminent emergencies.

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