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Errors of Commission

Compensating your insurance producers through commission only creates a conflict of interest with your clients and can lead to unethical and irresponsible behavior by your producers. In addition, you might end up driving away your best and most talented agents before they even get a chance to get going! The best way to enhance client and prospect relationships; build your brand; stand out above the crowd; and create a culture of collaboration is to go to a more value and relationship based model.

In this program, you will walk away with a better understanding of the peril of commission based compensation; new strategies and techniques to implement a change in your agency and culture; and create a marketing plan to leverage and maximize your agency as an industry leader.

En Fuego: Stop Cold Calling and Start Winning

Cold calling is an age-old insurance technique whose time is over. Interruption marketing doesn’t appeal to any of your prospects and it is the most inefficient and wasteful way to acquire new business. In today’s world of advanced technology and greater sophistication among your prospects, you need to heat it up!

In this program, I will share my 7 Sure-Fire Steps to Successful Insurance Sales. Every one of these offers a higher percentage of success and reduced labor intensity for you. The strategies I share are rarely done well by agents, so you have a chance to rise above the noise and differentiate yourself.

Recruiting Top Talent and Maximizing Success

Recruiting outstanding talent is the “holy grail” for the insurance industry. Regardless of whether you’re an agency or company carrier, finding talent to leap into the insurance world is a tough sell. And, once you have them, how do you assure their success?

In this program, I will outline strategies and tactics to improve how you recruit talent to your company. I will also include ways to maximize your investment in them through a superior mentoring and training program.

From Garage Band to Rock Star

Being a top-flight insurance agent requires more than just the ability to pitch and close. In today’s world, you need more to earn long-term sustainability through any economy and market. In order to be a rock star, you need to be bold, create better relationships, improve your ability to communicate, and have a cutting edge “sound.”

In this program, you will walk away with a game plan that leads to rock star agent stardom. It’s ideal for both producers and sales managers. I will lay out easy to implement steps to accelerate your professional growth, boost your income, and enrich your life.

Get A Life

Life and work balance is a myth. What we all really do is manage and prioritize our time, our thinking, our activities, and our behaviors. In the insurance industry, this managing process can be taxing and overwhelming. If not done well, it will lead to guilt, anxiety, poor health, and less than adequate performance. My simple solution for you is this – Get a Life!

In program, we will discuss strategies that lead to improved time management skills, better delegating, leveraging technology, and setting real priorities. Let’s face it; you don’t have a professional life and a personal life. You have a life. Maximizing how you manage that life will perhaps change it for the better for good.

Unleashed Leadership: Why creating a culture that encourages boldness will ultimately reap tremendous rewards for you

Leadership has always been a buzzword in management circles and executive boardrooms. That being said, the definition and style of leadership is shifting in the 21st century. Leaders today must be collaborative, be able to communicate, and be able to build a culture that enhances morale, improves production, and assures sustainability and growth. Unleashed Leadership is focused on “unleashing” the potential of your people to maximize their talents and in turn help the organization thrive.

This program will give you the strategy and tactics; the art and the science; of doing that quickly, effectively, and with remarkable results.

Speaking to Influence: How to successfully and significantly influence others

The insurance industry is all about influence. Whether it's a sales transaction; a conversation between agent and underwriter; company marketing reps working with agency principals; or customer service team members interacting with clients; everyone is in a position of needing to be skilled at being influential. This is truly an art and a science that is not practiced and taught enough. The consequences are potentially catastrophic, while the results are remarkable.

This program will help anyone in the industry become more influential in working as a producer; agency principal; company marketing rep; company management and leadership; claims expert; or customer service team member.

Insurance Groups Dan has spoken to…

  • State Farm Insurance
  • Arthur J. Gallagher Insurance
  • International Association of Insurance Professionals
  • The National Alliance
  • PIA Western Alliance
  • Independent Insurance Agents of Montana
  • Independent Insurance Agents of Wisconsin
  • CPCU – Washington State Chapter
  • Washington State Insurance Professionals
  • Kitsap Insurance Professionals

Other Notables:

  • America Empresarial
  • Naval Undersea Warfare Center – Department of Defense
  • NAVFAC – Department of Defense
  • Washington Health Care Association
  • Society of Human Resource Management
  • Women’s Presidents Organization
Megan SchwartzLIMRA
Your energy was contagious and the audience was clearly engaged by your interactive presentation style and strategic use of prizes to get them talking!
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Our Industry Day speaker Dan Weedin knocked it out of the park! We like this guy!